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The Triple's main attraction has always been its engine, and that remains true for '05. From the moment the three-pot lump fires up with an intoxicating combination of gear whine and slightly deeper exhaust burble, the Triumph delivers even more of the model's trademark urgent, free-revving yet flexible feel. Touch the loud handle in the lower gears and it snaps forward, gloriously alert and responsive. There're heaps of three-cylinder character enhanced by just the right level of vibration. The air rushing past your head and chest simply makes the bike more involving to ride. That said, I would have been glad of a fairing. The Triple gives its rider virtually no wind protection at all, though a small, screenless shield is an available accessory.

We are still looking for more zany eccentrics like ourselves who might have the space to host a passel of CycleKartistes and their machines in a pastoral setting in Central California, the British Isles, or Europe, but it's hard to find people who mesh with our particular eccentricities. We've had to turn away from groups who appeared so promising in order to maintain a less-serious approach. Recently, we've been extremely pleased to find a pack of fellow mad-motoring-enthusiasts in New South Wales who seem to get the drift. Perhaps a CycleKarts-In-The-Southern-Hemisphere trip needs to be arranged...

So I encourage you, those of you who live in the “standard” world filled with traffic and monthly bills, but also backroads and the occasional interstate adventure. Fall in love with a standard, get some soft bags, and maybe a vision of what you would like to see it become, money permitting, and ride the wheels off the thing. Clip-ons are for race tracks, and the front-leaning rest position is for basic training. “Standards” became standard for a reason: They are built for this world most of us live in, and they are uniquely suited to be modified in a way that is not “standard” at all. The bike, like the world, is what you make of it.

Bol d'or youtube

bol d'or youtube


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