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GUVis-3511 radiometer configured with BioSHADE and BioGPS. Biospherical Instruments has just released the GUVis-3511 , the latest member of BSI's line of atmospheric radiometers . The GUVis-3511 is based on BSI’s proprietary microradiometer technology and available with up to 19 channels, ranging from 305 to 1,640 nm.  The instrument can also be equipped with a shadowband accessory to determine the direct solar irradiance. Depending on configuration, the GUVis-3511 affords the measurement of the UV Index and the retrieval of aerosol optical depth, cloud optical thickness, and total column ozone. Click here for more information and here for a paper published in Atmospheric Measurement Techniques using the instrument for shipborne measurements of aerosol optical depth.

MaST Community Charter School’s Resource Center, designed by J2a Architects, is a three-story building that emphasizes the use of technology throughout the facility. The first floor of this 24,000 sq ft addition houses teaching, office, and meeting spaces.  The second floor library includes computer and tablet stations and a tiered group reading area that projects media onto a floor screen.  The third floor of the facility has a graphic design lab, media production studio, computer lab, and technology center that manages and maintains all of the technology throughout the campus.

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