Dbol cruise

Of course, packaging means nothing if you the product isn't any good. I sampled this Test C as part of my TRT program last summer. It draws up very well and has no post injection pain. I used this product at .4 cc (100mg) 2x week for 12 1/2 weeks. My libido and energy level were right were they should be and my perceived test levels also remained high. I did not do blood work during this time, but I have been on test for TRT for 4 years and feel confident that this is good test. I also was able to lean out really well while on TRT with this test, something that would not happen with inferior test.

As I said, it would depend entirely on the users goals. It's not just pros who cruise, it's most guys who compete on a regular basis. They just wouldn't be able to make the necessary improvements between shows if they did the whole PCT and 16 weeks off thing. If the OP had done his research (which he apparently hasn't) and wanted to start competing in a few years, assuming he had a good base and good knowledge, he would get there a lot quicker if he followed a blast and cruise protocol. However, this would be at risk of long-term shut down, fertility problems, high blood pressure etc, so it would be a decision he would have to make. There's no reason why we can't offer sensible members both sides of the coin: if you do x then you'll be much healthier, but you will gain slower, whereas if you do y your health may suffer, but you'll progress quicker etc.

Dbol cruise

dbol cruise


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