Dbol without test

Each cycle is sequenced for use with my diet, training and protocol. These cycles are fairly advanced and not necessary for use without my protocol. The timing issues are relevant, the compounds are used for specific reasons. This is the final chapter in the series. Every part of your off-season has been covered, from eating, to training, to cycling. The only other part of the equation is rest. Make sure to sleep 8-10 hours per night, taking naps during the day if possible. It is not unusual for a beginner to gain 30 or more pounds using my protocol, and I have had very advanced pro’s gain up to 20 pounds or more using this exact advanced protocol, guys who thought they were near their genetic maximum.

I pop a nolva during cycle if my nippels get light pink, bubels pop up on nipples. 1 nolva for one or 2 days will make your nippels go back to normal colour - and all is safe agin. Dont use it more than needed, nolva will reduce muscle gains. as pct i use a pill 20 mg a day for 14 days, a day after last pill/jab. Only 14 days because i only run short cycles at 3-6 weeks...If i should pick another pct tool, it would be arimidex at 1 mg/pill a day from last jab/pill to speed process up...but it would only be needed is i ran estrogenic gear at high doses 300+ a week.

i know with the rabid popularity of prohormones this day in age in the world of the after work special bodybuilder it now has lifters wondering if they can take traditional orals without the procedure of having to "pin". this in all cases is still a bad idea. it does in turn shut down test production all the same. I am one of those guys who have taken prohos and now i look back on it i feel it was a mistake and wish i would have just ran the classic test 10-12 week cycle. that first cycle is always the best and one you can never get back. if you decide to run something start with the basics, do it right then later add a oral to your test base.

Dbol without test

dbol without test


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