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Read up on the Seven of Cups to determine if the card meaning has any relevance in your life right now. The Seven of Cups could act as a warning about the potential for temptation, to be extremely careful about any choices you have to make, to not always seek the path of least resistance, or the obvious. Not everything that glitters is gold. It could be telling you to get real, to stop day-dreaming and come down to earth, to live in the present and stop procrastinating. The best thing to do is read up on the card. Yes, if it happened to me, I would feel obliged to investigate. Does the card hold special meaning for me at this time in my life? It could also be a coincidence too. I have encountered people before, non-tarot people, who have found a tarot card, picked it up off a street or left behind on a table somewhere. They are always intrigued and generally keep the card as they feel it holds a personal message for them.

PISCES February 19 – March 20
Getting a grip on financials has been a tricky matter these last few weeks, but you make substantial progress shortly and might even find the upside in a negotiation that has been evasive. Your social life is delightful and a party or event can turn up a really promising romantic prospect if your heart is open for it. You can afford to take this one nice and slow, the flow right now is measured and steady. Enjoy the subtle cues and gentle feelings as they emerge. Creativity is also enhanced for artists or musicians.

The 18º Leo solar eclipse on Aug 11 falls at last of a series of Leo/Aquarius axis eclipses which actually began in 2017 which featured the big Regulus Eclipse at 28º Leo . This eclipse really brings closure to the themes of all these regal eclipses. The learning triangle of the eclipse means lessons about gurus and how cults are formed will be learned. It is interesting that under this year’s big aspect Jupiter trine Neptune, Netflix released a series of documentaries about the corruption behind world-famous Guru Osho and his utopian city Rajneeshpuram in Oregon

Decan diet

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