Diana bolanos

She married an American, Joseph Dunn, [5] whom she had met while in New Hampshire, and in 2008 returned to Colombia to continue her research, completing a database of flatworm species and their taxonomic groups . Bolaños also took a teaching post as a visiting professor for the University of the Andes (Uniandes). [2] In 2010, she was awarded a L'Oréal-UNESCO Fellowship for Women in Science [1] [6] and she used the award to complete her postdoctoral research at Uniandes. Bolaños then took a post as an assistant professor in the Biology Program at the Universidad de Cartagena . [4] In 2012 she was named Colombian biologist of the year [3] and in 2013 was named one of the top ten women scientists in Latin America by the BBC. [7] Despite the difficulties of finding funding for research, Bolaños has remained in Colombia, in part to inspire others' interests in science and in part to fill the gap because so many post-graduates from Colombia remain part of the diaspora . She has continued her research and is working on comparisons between polyclads, planarians and other types of platyhelminths and their abilities to regenerate. [4] In addition, she has published numerous articles in international, peer-reviewed journals such as Evolution & Development , the Journal of Natural History and Zootaxa in the areas of evolution and biological systematics , [3] as well as continuing her education at courses such as the Society for Developmental Biology short course held in Montevideo , Uruguay . [4]

Flying over here and over there the humming bird returned home, and his mother said : “ humming bird, humming bird why are you so late?
– Today, a cloud, the wind and a wave invited me to go away with them, they spoke about journeys, games and adventures, but I didn´t want to go with them because I would have to go without you.
– Humming bird, humming bird, my little humming bird, I know one day you shall fly away, but I can promise you I will always be by your side; I´ll be the wind under wich you will fly, I´ll be the blooming tree on wich you will rest at night, and whenever you miss me , just remember I will be the sun that will hold you from dawn to dusk. And, at night, if you ever feel scared I will be moonlight that will calm your dreams. Humming bird, humming bird, my little humming bird, don´t you ever be afraid to see the world, because I will be around. And, if one day you want to return to me and for some reason you can´t find the way back, just listen inside of you, because I will be the rithm of your heart, and we will always be toghether in there, that will be our everlasting home.

Diana bolanos

diana bolanos


diana bolanosdiana bolanosdiana bolanosdiana bolanosdiana bolanos