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I have known of this wonderful mixture for a few years but never took the time to find the measurements. Today I read this site, mixed my ingredients and did the windows to my back door. GUESTS ARE NOW WELCOME! 2oz Dawn Ultra with 24oz white vinegar, a plastic scrubber and a sock rag. (gonna get me a squeegee) Absolutely NO streaks! Thank you! also. . I have used Dawn on my laundry stains, forever. I am a cook and hubby is a mechanic. Any spots on our clothes get a splash of Dawn before the wash. Never fails, grease spots are gone. Cleaning doesn’t have to make us miserable! Thanks again.

Yes I am a fabric hoarder, I love fabric and my husband does not understand that I just found “another” perfect knit fabric for my next project. Nor does he understand the difference in between the four yellow chiffons that i tell him are different yellows. He also does not understand that i go into a department store for ideas not to shop, if i can see it i can make it, just need to draw a pattern, get more fabric and sew the item–I am in heaven when I see a new item. If I am shopping for ready to wear clothes I have to check the stitching and I calculate how much it would cost me if I just made the item myself. Luckily my local fabric store is too far for us to go to regularly so I can do all the online shopping I want with no problems.

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Diana lol pro youtube

diana lol pro youtube


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