Diana or rengar lol

I like Diana a lot in her current form. I think the only thing to tone down is her tankiness, because she doesn't really risk much jumping straight to your poor carries' faces atm. I like the Q as well, but it deals too much damage. Notice how it's usually the follow-up skill that deals significant burst after a setup skill? (as is the case with Akali) Well, right now her Q can deal a TON every 5 secs, barely costs mana and is easy to land. IMO she could have an Akali-like mechanic where the Q deals low-mid damage, the dash deals low-mid damage, but an Q+R deals a lot. But then again... perhaps this combo would be simply doing to much in this setup? Maybe the Q scaling should just be lowered?

IMO it's obvious that Diana needs slight nerfs. I don't find her OP but she is very strong, while all her strength comes with zero real drawbacks.

Rengar on the other hand... well... I don't know yet. He isn't really bad, but he isn't that great either. I'm not entirely sure if his kit even allows him to be a viable pick. I mean this conditional leap has such obvious counterplay it's not even funny and his skillset doesn't offer anything impressive, anything that would really set him apart from the other bruisers, anything that would scream OPPORTUNITY. Perhaps his sustained damage could be buffed to make him a better fighter? Or maybe his burst should be... well... should come to life, so that he can be up to par with other assassins? His playstyle is closest to Xin and WW, but they're both leagues better...

Quote: DeusVult17 : GD will hate you if you play Rengar - hes a much better top laner anyway, in solo que junglers need good cc and he has pretty weak cc.

Diana is very strong and her E is great for ganking, along with her Q+ult combo once she hits 6.

Either way, both can get to the AD carry fast and burst them down late game without to much trouble (rengars passive + ult with empowered Q, Dianas Q+ult+W+E combo)

Guy I run with also suggested Noc. Who has better ganks Noc or Diana?

Diana or rengar lol

diana or rengar lol


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