Dynabolt hilti

5 DynaBolt Sleeve Anchor - Set Lok Bolt - Zinc Plated DO6026S M D06038S M DynaBolt Sleeve Anchor - Tie Wire Bolt - Zinc Plated D08042E M DynaBolt Sleeve Anchor - Hook Bolt - Zinc Plated D08045K M DynaBolt Sleeve Anchor - Eye Bolt - Zinc Plated D08045X M DynaBolt - Indicative Working Loads in 32MPa Concrete Anchor Thread Embedment Tightening Min Edge Min Anchor Max Tensile Max Shear Size (mm) Size Depth (mm) Torque (Nm) Distance (mm) Spacing (mm) Load, N a (kn)* Load, V a (kn)* 6 M M M M M M *The design engineer should ensure the structural element is capable of supporting these loads. Refer to Ramset Specifiers Resource Book for more information or explanation of technical data

Dynabolt hilti

dynabolt hilti


dynabolt hiltidynabolt hiltidynabolt hiltidynabolt hiltidynabolt hilti