Dynavolt tower

No changes to the main deck of Reckless Panharmonicon. Amonkhet , while an amazing set, didn't really offer any new artifacts (instead just a ton of good ways to deal with artifacts). As a result, we'll stick with the Aether Revolt update version of Reckless Panharmonicon as the most to-date list. That said, the sideboard is much different, with  Magma Spray over Shock  (a change you should make to just about any of your decks) along with cards like By Force and some Negate s to deal with Aetherworks Marvel and fight through control. Of course, as I mentioned earlier, the sideboard slots are really fluid, and we'll know much more in another week once we see how Pro Tour Amonkhet shakes out, but the above sideboard seems fine for the moment.

Dynavolt tower

dynavolt tower


dynavolt towerdynavolt towerdynavolt towerdynavolt towerdynavolt tower