Haldol for agitation

1. Haloperidol appeared to provide no improvement in agitation among demented patients compared with placebo, but side effects were frequent. 2. Dropout rates were higher for haloperidol compared with placebo treated patients, suggesting that side effects led to discontinuation of treatment in some patients. 3. Because of the wide focus of this meta-analysis, not enough information was provided to permit recommendations linking haloperidol treatment of agitated dementia to degree of dementia, manifestations of agitation, or dosage and duration of treatment of haloperidol. 4. Individual analysis of reports indicated that higher dose haloperidol (more than 2 mg per day) may have been more effective than lower dose haloperidol (less than 2 mg per day) in controlling aggression, but not other manifestations of agitation, among patients with mild to moderate dementia. 5. Similar analysis suggested that prolonged therapy with haloperidol (more than 3 - 6 wks) or higher dosage (more than 2 mg per day) was more likely to result in side effects than were short term therapy (3 weeks) or lower dose haloperidol (less than 2 mg per day). 6. The reports provided too little information to permit interpretation of the effect of degree or type of dementia on response to haloperidol. Except for a favorable response of aggression to haloperidol, no other manifestations of agitated dementia were found to have improved following therapy with haloperidol, compared with controls.

Let your doctor know if you currently have or have ever been diagnosed with thyroid disease, breast cancer, seizures, liver disease, kidney disease, bipolar issues, an electrolyte imbalance, or heart conditions including long QT (LQTS) syndrome, and chest pain. These conditions may affect your ability to tolerate Haldol. People who have Parkinson's disease should not take Haldol. If you have ever had an extreme reaction or side effect to another medication prescribed to treat mental health issues, relay this information to your doctor. This drug is not recommended for elderly people experiencing dementia or related conditions as it may increase the risk of death.

Haldol for agitation

haldol for agitation


haldol for agitationhaldol for agitationhaldol for agitationhaldol for agitationhaldol for agitation