Lean cycle workout


Great information, I can’t wait for the book to be released!

Some quick questions while I wait though =)

I would follow the two pre-workout meals protocol and eat my first meal at 12 PM, then 15 PM and post-workout around 19:00 PM.

On rest days I might do some low-mid intense cardio for 60min around 6:30 AM. Would you recommend taking 10g BCAA just before here also?

Do you see any downside if I would take VPX Meltdown every morning during a phase for maximum fat loss?

Regards, Tony

Have you ever done a lot of pushups, but find that your hands or wrists are hurting before your chest is hurting?  Or maybe that you feel you could do more pushups if it was a little more comfortable?  Or for those that do a lot of pushups but want to get more out of each pushup?  Then for these cases, and many others, these power stands are really going to help.    Tony Horton’s powerstands are essentially two raised handles on a base that allow you to have a comfortable grip so that you can both focus on your form, as well as getting deeper into your pushup to give you maximum results.

Watch the videos that I have linked to each exercise, use a spotter who is watching your form, and get all the advice you can from others. Soak up all the advice about form you can. The diet plan The Rock uses in this workout is what a bodybuilder would use in the 2-3 months before a contest. You won’t need to eat as much. Just eat .8-1g of protein per pound of lean bodyweight. If you’re still sore 2 days after working a body part, then that’s the case where you know you need to increase the amount of protein you eat.

Lean cycle workout

lean cycle workout


lean cycle workoutlean cycle workoutlean cycle workoutlean cycle workoutlean cycle workout