Mast e and tren e

On 200mg per wk of test my range is between 700-1200ng/dl. The day after my shot I’m around 1200 and by day 6-7 I am down around 700. Anything over 800 is optimal and you can float around 1100-1200 with usually no health issues. But I would make it a point to donate blood on the regular. As for arimadex, I got away without any the first couple yrs of trt but then estrogen started elevating a tad and I began using just 1/2mg 3x a week and it keeps me in good range. As for hcg I usually just hit a whack of it every 10-12 wks for 2500iu x 2 wks, and this is mainly because it comes in 5,000iu vials and to use the standard 250iu twice/wk means the shelf life of 30 days aftet constitution will expire before I use it all. I dont want to waste it and preloading pins and sticking in freezer to prolong shelf like after constitution is a pain.

the results were amazing, i felt great, sex drive was amazing, appetite was amazing, energy never diminished. my emotional well being was fantastic too. overall it was the best PCT i had ever done. i feel because of the fantastic appetite and emotional well being it contributed to keeping the gains i did, i kept approximately 90+% of the gains i made. this PCT was ran on a cycle that consisted of test e 600mg week deca 400mg week, dbol 50mg split ed and a anavar taper. i also did a short ester kicker on this cycle of test p and npp for 2 weeks

Mast e and tren e

mast e and tren e


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