Mast e hair loss

My 12 year old has POTS (dysautonomia) and MCAD. He is very gifted, and lately, when he studies for long periods of time, writes a research paper, or takes tests, he becomes sick afterwards. His lung capacity is at about 70% overall, but he can’t tolerate Xopenex or most steroids. We’re trying Intal soon. I’m wondering if he isn’t low on oxygen when using brain power, but normally he is at 97-98%. If anyone has any advice or comments, please send them my way. Alec is on H1, H2 blockers, Gastrocrom, Midodrine (vasoconstrictor for POTS). He is getting headaches and episodes a few times a week, now. Will oxygen help? Any other suggestions?

it all comes down to your genetics, if your family has a history of male pattern baldness then being on tren will make you more prone each time you use it. now if your asking that in reference to other compounds really any highly androgenic compound will effect hair loss if an individual is prone to it. if you are asking about having more hair loss post cycle due to using tren that is hard to tell. remember hair loss comes down to DHT as DHT blocks the nutrients hair needs to grow, therefore shrinking the hair follicle and/or killing it. so if you just naturally produce a higher amount of DHT regardless of steroids then i would say yes your going to be more prone post cycle. now this subject is fairly new to me bc i have recently started experiencing hair loss, so i hope this helps.

Melatonin is a hormone produced by the pineal gland that helps regulate hormones and the body’s circadian rhythm. It is being used in veterinary medicine as a natural treatment for coat loss in dogs, cats and ferrets. Researchers are not exactly sure how melatonin helps thicken and regrow fur.  Some researchers think it may be the relationship between melatonin, sunlight, and the body’s circadian rhythm.  Other’s feel that melatonin’s antioxidant properties help promote hair growth. Melatonin has also been shown to help a pet gain back weight after surgery, stress or illness and help with anxiety, insomnia, and noise phobias. Mink farmers have been known to use melatonin to promote thick coats in the winter.

Mast e hair loss

mast e hair loss


mast e hair lossmast e hair lossmast e hair lossmast e hair lossmast e hair loss