Mast pj jokes

Teacher to student: 
jo doosre ko apni baat na samjha sake woh gadha hota hai..... 

Sir, kya Matlab main samjha nahi....?

13.  “We had this disgusting faux floral arrangement in the lobby. It was given to us by a local flower shop when we moved into the building – in 2002. It was 4 feet tall by 3 feet wide and in a 2 foot tall faux cement planter. It sat on the desk behind reception and had 15 years of dust on it. We went through 2 remodels and a full rebrand, and this thing stayed. My boss hated this thing – every time he walked through the lobby, he commented on how gross it was. ‘What will guests think?’ ‘It looks like my grandmothers house in here!’ ‘That think NEEDS to get out of the lobby!’

Mast pj jokes

mast pj jokes


mast pj jokesmast pj jokesmast pj jokesmast pj jokesmast pj jokes