Mast prop 100

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Virtually all wiring is located high and accessable by removing panels from under the side decks. All wiring is 10 gauge stranded copper with crimp type connectors used at all junctions or terminals. All wiring is color coded with DC wiring as two wire and AC as three wire. Metallic fittings (through hulls, etc.) below the water line are electrically bonded together with 8 gauge copper wire and connected to the ships common ground.
The main electrical panel has on/off circuit brakers and a battery selector which serves as the master DC on/off switch. Shore power service is 30 amps.
The standard battery configuration on the Endeavour 40 consisted of two 12-volt batteries connected in parallel to allow single or combined use and charged from the stock 35 amp alternator.

Mast prop 100

mast prop 100


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