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NAMI has recently started endorsing the Partnership for Prescription Assistance , a new program that seeks to boost enrollment in existing Patient Assistance Programs by helping consumers identify and apply for programs for which they may be eligible. This may be a good place to start if you are unfamiliar with Assistance Programs that might work for you - however, we don't yet know how successful the Partnership is at enrolling people in good programs, or how much they may charge for their service. If anyone has experiences to share about the Partnership for Prescription Assistance (good or bad), please email the administration at: szwebmaster@. Visit their website ( http:// ) or call 1-888-477-2669 if you are interested.

Free information sites about PAPs - include databases searchable by state, medication, or company name

When an obviously medication-induced suicide or homicide is reported in the press, it appears that everyone in the community, except lawmakers and prescribers, asks the question, “What was he taking?” Five minutes of searching on the internet is recommended to see that this is a massive issue whose articulators and whistle blowers are all cruelly silenced by defamation and by medical regulators and their tribunals. Their courts are based on ecclesiastical courts, which were designed to weed out heretics and not to find the truth.

Modecate injection

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