My first steroid cycle (dianabol only)

I’m 30 and have had Crohn’s Disease and related Arthritis for 21 years. I also have issues during low estrogen cycle times, mostly in the week leading up to my period. I’m currently TTC and having difficulty as I have a mini flare following the time when I should be ovulating and during the time I could be conceiving. I’m having difficulty, and I’m wondering if the flares are preventing me from conceiving. The first two weeks of my cycles I feel great, aside from the normal period cramps. Very frustrating.

I don’t believe that the body can grow strong due to tendon/CNS adaptations as you keep asserting. That may work for a few weeks when you begin a new exercise & improve motor skills and structurally adapt, but it will not last long. You will never get strong in the long run if your muscles are not also growing. But I think many people have vastly overestimated the impact on your appearance that gaining muscle actually has. Gaining 5 lbs of fat will make you appear much sloppier, but gaining 5 lbs of lean muscle will not make that much visual difference while wearing clothes

It’s all common sense now, certainly I was not going to put myself and my body through the risks of anabolics. I can tell you though, shifting my mind from anabolic steroids simply was not an option for me. However, dealing with it’s side effects is what really held me back from getting any place near this stuff. With my friends’ help in telling about legal steroids, I no longer need to even touch a drop of anabolic steroids. First, I was certainly not going to put my health at risk. Second, I did not want to spend a few years in jail if I ever get busted with this stuff.

My first steroid cycle (dianabol only)

my first steroid cycle (dianabol only)


my first steroid cycle (dianabol only)my first steroid cycle (dianabol only)my first steroid cycle (dianabol only)my first steroid cycle (dianabol only)my first steroid cycle (dianabol only)