Primo flavorstation-100 soda machine

About Primo Water Corporation :
Primo Water Corporation is dedicated to the responsibility of improving public health, reducing environmental waste and encouraging others to do the same. Primo is a leading nationwide provider of purified water and award-winning hot and cold home water dispensers that have earned the ENERGY STAR® rating.  Primo chooses not to sell single-use water bottles, and instead promotes recycling with its "Zero Waste" three-and five-gallon bottle exchange program.  The majority of water is bottled at locations within 100 miles of its point of sale to minimize the carbon footprint of transportation. Learn more about Primo Water at .

Why Primo Flavorstation?
It’s the smarter choice. Making your own sparkling beverages at home will save you time, money and is much more convenient than buying cases of soda that may end up being poured down the drain. Serve your family fresh, delicious sparkling beverages with the Flavorstation Liberty 120.
It’s the healthier choice. Primo Sparkling Beverage Mixes are made with 100% natural flavors and no high fructose corn syrup. You have the power to control the flavor intensity of every drink-that’s something you can’t do with cans of soda. It’s earth-friendly. Each year, over 30 billion bevera

Primo flavorstation-100 soda machine

primo flavorstation-100 soda machine


primo flavorstation-100 soda machineprimo flavorstation-100 soda machineprimo flavorstation-100 soda machineprimo flavorstation-100 soda machine