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The Norwegian version has a similar beginning with one important change: when the parents die, all the sons take their belongings and abandon the family home. The youngest son, Peter, takes the cat with him because he is afraid it might starve. So in this version, the master's cat has some compassion. The story then develops in the familiar pattern — the cat aids young Peter's journey from rag to riches. But in the end, the cat demands something very unusual from "Lord Peter." He asks that Peter behead him. When Peter obeys, the cat transforms into a beautiful princess. It is not hard to recognize the similarities between this story and Beauty and the Beast , Frog King, and especially Golden Bird, all of which include enchanted noblemen/women playing the role of an animal helper.

They next entered the main building where Mukuro is and is met by Chikusa, to which Hayato stays behind to fight Chikusa, allowing Tsuna and company to leave. They meet Fuuta, who attacked Bianchi, with Reborn stating that he is being controlled. Tsuna is able to break Mukuro’s control of Fuuta, causing him to faint. Mukuro then attacks, showing Tsuna is hopeless and outclassed, until Hayato comes in with Hibari. Hibari then continues in Tsuna place, seemly defeating Mukuro, only for Mukuro to wake up, and shoot himself. Bianchi wakes up and attacks both Hayato and Reborn, with Reborn realizing that Mukuro shoot himself with a special bullet, that allows him to possess anyone that has been cut by his trident. Mukuro then attacks Tsuna with Hayato,, Bianchi, Chikusa, and Ken's bodies.

Multiple metal layers are created to interconnects (think wires) in between the various transistors. How these connections have to be “wired” is determined by the architecture and design teams that develop the functionality of the respective processor (for example, Intel’s Core i7 processor). While computer chips look extremely flat, they may actually have over 20 layers to form complex circuitry. If you look at a magnified view of a chip, you will see an intricate network of circuit lines and transistors that look like a futuristic, multi-layered highway system.

Primo lens test

primo lens test


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