Proviron y estanozolol

I hate winstrol with a passion. The only use it has for me was to reduce gyno caused by trenbolone, but it also caused me a lot of mental issues such as mood swings, cognitive issues and a general feeling of being off. This is likely due to winstrols progestinic binding ability- as progesterone plays an important role in modulating mood through its interaction with GABA receptors, winstrol use will antagonize these and ultimatively affect your mood. Also, this is coming from someone who generally responds VERY WELL and favors DHT derivatives, but Winstrol just treats me very badly.

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Proviron y estanozolol

proviron y estanozolol


proviron y estanozololproviron y estanozololproviron y estanozololproviron y estanozololproviron y estanozolol