Tbol course

Cornish Cruising's Royal Yachting Association Yachtmaster Development Course from Falmouth is a comprehensive 16 week programme designed to take the student from beginner to Yachtmaster Offshore qualification. The key to this programme is quality training and experience. Many "fast track" programmes involve acquiring logged miles on long ocean passages, where the experience and skills gained are minimal. The Cornish Cruising Yachtmaster Development Programme provides the opportunity to sail some of the world's most challenging waters, where knowledge, skills and experience gained is maximised.

This is an intensive training schedule but, on completion, the Yachtmaster ticket will be thoroughly earned and your confidence in your seamanship skills will be soundly based.

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16 Week Yachtmaster Offshore Courses
Certificates Acquired: Competent Crew Course Completion, Powerboats Levels 1 & 2, Day Skipper Theory, VHF/GMDSS Radio Operator's Licence, Day Skipper Practical Completion, Coastal Skipper and Yachtmaster Theory, Diesel Engine Maintenance, Radar Operator's Course, First Aid, Sea Survival, Yacht Husbandry, Coastal Skipper, ISAF, Rigging, Yachtmaster Offshore, STCW95 Basic Training, Day Skipper Motor Boat, Yachtmaster Ocean Theory (Astro) ICC, Jet Ski Proficiency,PPR and AEC.

Included in this course, are 2 week's bareboat charter.

Please call if you would like to discuss the Yachtmaster Training Programme in more detail.

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Feedback from former Yachtmaster Development Students:

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Tbol course

t bol course


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