Tbolt clamp sizes

@Ravish – Yes it is possible, but not common, that a bolt can pass the tensile test but fail the proof load test. Typically speaking, the % offset is only used when testing for yield strength, not for testing proof stress. Proof stress is a simple pass or fail test where the full size bolt is tensioned to a predetermined proofload value, held for 10 seconds, then measured to see if it elongated. Yield strength differs in that the bolt or test coupon is pulled to failure, and the yield is calculated (using the % offset method) along with the tensile, elongation and reduction of area. In order to calculate using the % offset method, you must first secure data from which a stress-strain diagram may be drawn. More detailed information can be found by looking at ASTM F606 Section or by contacting an accredited test lab.

Tbolt clamp sizes

t bolt clamp sizes


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