Tmobile number

mera no 9905747916 hai sabse pahle ye smart ka no iska port idea me karya tab se mujhe any type ka otp or kisi bhi company ka varification cod 5 minut ke limited time nahi aata hai wo sms 1hour ya 2hour ke bad aata mai aapna account se payment nahi kar pata koi bhi company se automatic varification code late se milne ke karan no varifiy nahi hota..maini bank ke customer care or service provider se dono se bat ki but dono bank wale kahte hai ye apke service provider ki galti hai or service provider kahte hai ye aapk bank ki galti hai..mai paresan ho kar phir apne no ko idea se uninor me port kiy but same problem hai…baki sara sms aa raha hai kewal otp or koi bhi verification cide aane me hi problem hai..kay port karne me yahi problem aata hai plz bataye…

I have contacted boost 3x’s with in the past 3 days. I almost got fired from my job because I called top get help with an error Vdm….which is actually associated with txt. The agent did a data refresh but never reactivated my phone. That same night I woke up like 3 hrs late for work. Altho that’s my fault my work tried to call me but couldn’t cause after the data refresh the agent didn’t reactivate my phone. I’ve spoken with several agents as well as supervisors and I’ve haven’t gotten anywhere! I believe…even tho being late was my fault….when my work calls…I answer. If the agent had reactivated my phone like procedure is after a data refresh…( I know cause I worked for Sprint about 3 yrs ago) then I wouldn’t still been in trouble but wouldn’t have received a write up. One supervisor transfers me while in the middle of me talking to someone else who couldn’t find my acct. HOW IS THAT WHEN I GOT TRANSFERRED TO THEM!

Tmobile number

t mobile number


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