Test e cycle leangains

Many people feel tired, get a headache, and generally feel “out of sorts” on days two and three of any fast. That’s normal. The negative side effects of fasting typically go away by the end of day three or four. If you’re going shorter than two days, you’ll likely start to feel better just as the fast comes to a close. Once you turn the corner on day three, most people feel great after the negative symptoms have passed, and a sense of calm, well-being, and heightened concentration takes over. But if you feel like something is wrong during a fast—more than just feeling a bit tired—definitely eat. You can always try again another time.

Well, obviously as you get more advanced and your volume threshold increases, your volume *tolerance* also increases – so auto-regulation takes care of it, at least within reason. However, you still have to monitor progress and determine whether what you are doing is working for you. Even with an effective training method and a “perfect” program there is still no guarantees. The downside of auto-regulation is that some may not be able to push themselves to the point where optimal progress is realized. Let’s say you started grinding on rep 6 and thought to yourself “ok, I’ll stop here, this is an RPE 9”. Then someone offered you a million dollars if you could get to 10 reps, and if not you they would empty your bank accounts and kill your family. Could you get 10 reps? Just a thought experiment, of course…

Test e cycle leangains

test e cycle leangains


test e cycle leangainstest e cycle leangains